Children’s Painting and Drawing

Grades K – 8th

We believe that every child deserves art and we are here to help your child be creative and reach their full artistic potential. Art education is such an important part of every child’s life and children who study art are more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. We start out teaching basic art principles to build a foundation on how to draw and paint and then move to more advanced techniques. We use a wide variety of mediums ranging from pencils and graphite to acrylic paints and pastels. Students will be given the opportunity to express themselves and will be given positive reinforcements. Our main focus is to teach the same concepts and skills that are taught to adults in a way that matches the age of each individual student.


Class Description

Day of the Week



Drawing/Painting/Pottery (K – 8th Grade) Tuesday 4 – 6 pm $95/month
Drawing/Painting/Pottery (K – 8th Grade) Wednesday 4 – 6 pm $95/month
Drawing/Painting/Pottery (K – 8th Grade) Thursday 4 – 6 pm $95/month
Drawing/Painting/Pottery (K – 8th Grade) Friday 1:30 – 3:30 pm $95/month
Drawing/Painting/Pottery (K – 8th Grade) Saturday 10 – 12 pm $95/month


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