Organic Sketch/Drawing Class for Adults

Frustrated because your Brain draws better than your Hand?

ORGANIC SKETCHING is a wonderful “transfer method” for bringing your ideas and concepts to life in a natural and pleasing way. The “brain-to-paper expression is THE first step in most every genre of art! It should be the most exciting and comfortable part of EVERY drawing, illustration, design, painting, and composition. Beginning artists will learn to avoid mental-pitfalls and flow naturally over sketching hurdles. Intermediate and advanced artists will find refreshing life in their initial sketches by replacing bad habits with Organic Sketching. Thus, we create more beautiful and accurate finished pieces. All levels will learn fun, proven techniques that make your old pencils seem like amazing new tools! Enhanced sketching methods, line crafting, decision-making, focus, and use of specific controllable-materials, will imbue the student/artist with functional mental techniques and relatable hand-skills lasting a lifetime. No matter your subject or intended result, the pleasure of the craft and the process should begin with you LOVING to sketch!

ORGANIC DRAWING is designed to stretch the mental and sketching skills we learned in OS. Time to bring your own style and designs into the picture! Employing your newfound skills and techniques, we work together to bring your sketched concepts to the completed drawing stage. We will be working from images that you find interesting, as well as real objects, and of course, your imaginations! So bring in the ideas, the sketches, and visions that you most want to create (i.e. dragons, aircraft, flowers, whatever!) We will be learning about shading, tone, line quality, highlighting, weight, and focus. It’ll be fun, a mental challenge, a hand eye coordination experience, and a solid new base from which to create!


Class Description

Day of the Week



Organic Sketching/Drawing for Adults*
Wednesdays 6 – 8 pm  


Organic Sketching/Drawing for Adults* Thursdays 6 – 8 pm $95/month

*Students must provide their own materials:


  1. Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils (WITH ERASERS on the back end) AND/OR Prismacolor Verithin pencils (have NO ERASERS)
    1. Col-Erase Colors: Terra Cotta (#20053)-quantity 2, Blue (#20044)-quantity 2
    2. Verithin Colors: Terra Cotta (#745 1/2)-quantity 2, Indigo Blue (#741)-quantity 2, Peacock Green  (#739)-quantity 2 
  2. #2 yellow school pencils
  3. 18 x 24 Fine or Medium tooth WHITE Sketch or Drawing pad.
  4. White rubber eraser


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Christopher Maggio… A short Bio

I have been an artist since as long as I can remember… It wasn’t a conscious choice, I just was. Fortunately for me I was born into an artistic, traveling, family and was exposed to amazing and beautiful things all around the world. At 7 years old I sat at the small kitchen table in our house in Panama doing my very first oil painting. My monkey Fred howled at me through the window trying to get me to take him for a bike ride. I remember that day in vivid color and smell and sound…

Now, having completed almost 54 trips around the sun, that sunny day at the kitchen table turned out to be just one of many bizarre and life-changing art experiences for me. Thru endless travels, launching fighter jets off aircraft carriers, sailing, flying, skydiving, hang gliding, and all the rest of it, I include all of my experiences in my art.

I was lucky. I was born and trained and tested in the arts long before the computer was a “thing”. We learned to create and fail by hand, to absorb the mediums and techniques as best we could because they were not a program we could download and use, but a skill and memory that we exercised with our talents. I have dabbled and delved into almost every medium and genre of “art”. Some fell by the wayside and some became staples of my craft. I have found teaching is not only a passion, but a way for me to reinforce my own skills, while handing the baton off to others.

My degree is in Medical Illustration! It’s a combination of my love for science, my love of art, and a lot of school! (Art School & Medical School) I’m also an Architectural Illustrator, Technical Engineer, Product Designer, Concept Artist, Draftsman, illustrator, and painter. Most importantly, I am also a professional Beach Bum (been working on that degree for over 50 years!) and I include my passion for scuba and surfing into much of my art work.

A couple years ago I went back to Panama to find the white house by the jungle hadn’t changed. Fred was with me in memory, the sun seemed the same, and I had become the artist I claimed I would be… when I was seven.